wood tool handles branded by KAYFOO

2017-06-21 23:44:35 admin

1498056973448864.jpegFSC Certified Wooden tool handles

Since 2008, we have been designing, producing and exporting our wooden broom handles to the worldwide market. The FSC certified & Qualified wooden broom handles have earned us a good reputation among our valued customer.

wooden broom handle is a good and durable material which can be use for cleaning tools, garden tools and farming tools, so it has been applied to broom, mop, shovel,rake,hoe,pickaxe,fork,brush, and other tools.

The advantages of wooden broom handle:

1. Environmentally friendly.

It is made of eucalyptus wood or other wood. It can be produced and regrowthed easily.

2. Light.

It is lighter than other materials.

3. Straight.

Its rent rate is less 6mm

4. Smooth

It has been polished 2-3 times in production.

5. Fumigation:

It also is fumigated by steam machine.1498058903.JPG

6. Attractive

It has natural wood type, PVC coated type, varnished type and paint type.

7. Durable

Wooden broom handle can be used for a long time.

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Below is our bleeched&varnished wood broom handles and wooden mop handles.